Work Benches - over the years we have manufactured work benches for many applications.

Here are a small sample of what can be achieved.

Work benches

Various tops available, mdf, formica, steel, stainless steel.

  • bench 1
  • bench-4
  • bench_4
  • bespoke bench

  • ceramic industry casting layout
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  • img_1249



There are many standard products on the market today but quite often companies require something slightly different.

Here at Bowson Engineering we can offer a standard product or design something
specifically for your needs.

Products we have co-designed include:

Stillages for car parts which have been designed in conjunction with the customer to carry car parts around a factory.

Window frame Trolleys and Benches to aid in the manufacture of PVCU Frames.

Stillages for the Window Manufacturing Companies.


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  • ideal_truck
  • jcb_stillage
  • jcb_stillage1
  • material_handling-1

  • material_handling-2
  • material_handling-5
  • rolls_royce
  • rolls_royce2

  • rolls_royce3
  • rr_stillage


  • truck1
  • truck2
  • truck3

The Health and Safety demands today are much more rigorous. Here at Bowson Engineering we can offer custom designs or standard options.

Steel Cages are for many uses including storage.

Safety steps that are mobile for ease of use and lockable wheels to secure the steps in place.


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  • Forklift trunk platform
  • cage-1
  • cage
  • safety-steps 2

  • safety-steps 3
  • safety-steps 4
  • safety-steps 5
  • safety-steps



Pallet gate-forklift safety gate.

Protect an Open Edge on Your Mezzanine Floor - use an Easy Fit Pallet Gate.

Pallet gates made to order - custom size's available for individual requirements.

Using a Forklift safety gate ensures safety in modern warehouse environments. When transferring loads between levels a pallet gate can provide operator safety. The forklift truck will place the goods inside the gate. When on the mezzanine floor simply push the gate upwards to gain access to the load.

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  • pallet_gate_resize

With our equipment and machinery we can offer a range of bespoke products to your needs.

An example of this is a Drill Charger Cabinet.

An existing customer wanted to lock away their drills and also charge them up at the same time.
This was an ideal solution.
The cupboard is manufactured out of sheet steel and fabricated in our factory. We then
added a fan to keep the chargers cool.

Another product we designed is a cabinet to lock away a computer.


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  • S2010001
  • S2010002
  • S2010035
  • charger cupboard-2

  • charger cupboard-5
  • computer station
  • gas kiln
  • kiln8

  • klin
  • silver coloured battery box

A full range of Safety Barriers are available and can be manufactured specifically for your application. Made from heavy duty steel and pre-drilled for fixing.

Rack end protectors tubular or rectangular are also available.


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  • barrier
  • bollard-1
  • bollard-2
  • bollard-4

  • bollard-4A
  • bollard
  • round-bollare